Who invented the mobile?

Who invented the mobile?

Today everyone has the need of mobile phone, mobile phone today, we do not even want to get out of the house without mobile, so know today that mobile phone was created by someone else. Today we will tell you the whole story of the phone and its Some interesting facts that you probably do not know.

Motorola’s first mobile phone was shown in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, whose weight was 2 kilos. Motorola’s DynaTAC 8000x Model was commercially used in 1983.

The first Automated Cellular Network launched in Japan in 1979.  This was the first-generation (1G) system with the help of which many people could call each other at a time. The first SIM card was created in 1991 by Munich Smart Card Maker Giesecke & Deviant for the Finnish Wireless Network Operator. In 1991, 2G Technology started in Radiolinja in Finland and in 2001, it came in 2001, 3G, which started by NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese company.

From approximately 1983 to 2014, nearly 700 million mobile phones were used. Samsung, Nokia, Apple and LG were the biggest phone maker of 2014. In 2014, 25% of the world’s mobile phones were made by Samsung phones, 13% made by Nokia Mobile

History of Mobile at a Glance

Forty years back on April 3, 1973, Motorola’s engineer Martin Cooper called an employee of his rival company and started a conversation on a mobile phone. About 10 years after that Motorola introduced the first mobile handset to the market. It was worth about two lakh rupees. Today there are around six billion consumers in the world.

Motorola’s first handset was named, Diana Tec. The battery could be recharged once and for about 35 minutes. Diana TAC was reduced to about 794 grams before landing in the market. Even after this it was so heavy that someone could have been killed by its injury. Comedian Erin Wise called the Vodafone office in St. Catherine’s port in 1985 and started using mobile phones in the UK.

Cellular, known as O2, broke Vodafone’s monopoly by starting his service in 1985. It took nine years to make Vodafone one million subscribers. In the same year, Cell Net added only one and a half million subscribers.
French businessman, Philip Khan, started the camera phone on June 11, 1997, taking photos of his newborn daughter Sofia.

Maybe you are a little surprised to hear this but in 1865, Nokia used to make paperwork. Apart from this, the company also made some rubber products such as electric cable, Gas Masters and plastic, Nokia launched its first mobile in 1980.

Interesting Facts About Mobile

The world’s most expensive phone-station is the Diamond Diamond Rose iPhone 4, which costs $ 7,850,000. This phone has 500 carats of 100 carats. The back cover of the phone is made of gold, while Apple is made up of 53 diamonds.

Nokia’s 1100 phone is the best-selling phone in the world, it sold around 250 million units all over the world. Nokia launched the S1100 phone in 2003.

Three billion mobile handsets are sold in the year 2018. Among the best-selling, Samsung, MI, Opps and Apple’s handsets were included. Sonim XP3300 Force is the world’s strongest smartphone, also known as Guinness World Records. This phone has been used even after throwing it at 84 feet height. Apart from this, keeping the phone up to 2 meters inside the water, there was no defect in it.

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