What is the universe and how big is it?

What is the universe and how big is it?

There are many theories related to the birth of the universe, from which the Big Bang Theory is most admired in the scientific world. Origin of the universe is believed to be around 15 billion years ago. All the space in which galaxies, nebulae, solar system, stars and planets come, it is called the universe.

Our planet Earth is also located on an end of the universe. It can be estimated by the fact that our universe is like the particle of sand of a vast desert in this universe, which is not visible any more.

What is in our eternal universe? The smallest unit in the universe is the solar system. In the solar system there are stars and planets. A large group of solar systems creates a galaxy.The name of our galaxy is the Milky Way. There are millions of solar systems in any galaxy.

Galaxies together create clusters that have an Arbo Galaxy. These clusters together make a super cluster. In our universe there are “super cluster” in the number of crores.

There are innumerable stars like our Sun in the eternal universe. Only the estimation of the stars can be estimated. Today we will talk about the Observer Universe. Observer Universe means the universe which scientists have discovered. The rest is further than the eternal universe.

How Much universe is big?

The outline and vastness of the universe, will now present the presence of Dark Matter. There is dark matter and dark energy in the universe. Dark matter is the part of the Universe that is dark. There is also the presence of light in the universe. The source of light in the universe is the stars. The presence of black holes in the universe has also been recorded.

Every solar system in the universe has a center star. The center of our solar system is Tara Sun. The four stars and the planets revolve around So far the earth is the only planet in the universe, where life is. Those scientists are constantly searching for life in the Universe. Their goal is to find planets that are exactly like Earth, which are called Super Earth.

One thing and friends, everything in our universe is moving, there is no stable. The moon smells all around the earth. Our earth revolves around the sun. The sun revolves around our galaxy. The galaxy also revolves around the universe. Everything in the universe is dynamic because the universe is constantly expanding.

Interesting facts about Universe

The galaxy called Abell 2029 is the largest of the galaxies ever discovered. It is 80 times larger than the Milky Way and its distance from Earth is 107 million light years.

Every day millions of stars are born in the universe and millions die. The formation and finish of the star is continuing. Since the Big Bang, the universe is continuously expanding. These stars and galaxies are moving far away.

Time and space work in the universe. These two do not work in black holes only.

There are also many strange and interesting planetary stars in the vast universe. In the Universe, a planet has been discovered which is made of whole diamond. The name of this planet is 55 Chancre.

There is also a huge cloud of wine in the Universe. The amount of alcohol in this cloud is excessive. Its name is SGR B2.

Water is also present in the universe but it is in the form of steam. It is swimming in the universe. The water is 150 trillion times more than the earth.

So far 19 billion Galaxy has been detected. Our galaxy Milky Way has stars around 100 billion.

Distance in the standard is measured in light year. There are many theories about the universe. Scientists have not yet figured out its definite size. Even if we assume that there is no end to the universe, then what is there in front of that end? Is there a second universe?

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