What is rainbow and how does it look in the sky?

What is rainbow and how does it look in the sky?

The rainbow would have seen then. This article is about Rainbow in Hindi Rainbow. Rainbow is a panoramic view of seven colors. It usually appears in the rainy season. Rainbow is in poetry and is an important part of the hypotheses. This also happens in children’s stories.

The reason for the formation of rainbow is the rays of the sun and drops of rain. Rain drops are like a prism. When light is reflected on the prism, light shades in reflection. During the rainy days, when the sun’s light gets on the droplets of water, seven colors appear. When the sun’s light gets over the drops of light, the rays of light get reflected back from the droplets. This verb is called reflection of light.

The radiation becomes obliterated in reflection. The rays of light are reflected on many angles. This process is a reflection of light and seven colors of light are visible. Rainbow is round in shape and looks like a bow. The red and red color is visible on the final and outer layer of the rainbow, because the red light turns into low angles. The most intrinsic layer is of purple, because the color of the purple color turns to much angle.

Many of the poems are written on the rainbow. Rainbow is also of particular importance in literature. Children’s poems include the color of rainbow colors.

Amazing Fact about Rainbow:

  • When the rays of the sun occurring on the droplets of rain are refraction twice and once the reflection is made, then the primary rainbow is formed. In the primary rainbow, the red color turns outwards and the purple color is inward. In it, the purple ray inside the eye has an angle of 40 ° 8 ‘and the outer red ray of 42 ° 8’ on the eye.
  • When the rays of the sun occurring on raindrops, two reflections and twice the reflection occur, the secondary rainbow is formed. It has purple color outside and red inward towards it. The outside ray creates an angle of 54 ° 52 ‘on the eye and the ray inward is 50 ° 8’.
  • Most rainbows appear in the vicinity of the spring and the equator.
  • The rainbow is the most visible in the last four hours of sunlight.
  • Most Rainbows on Earth appear in the US state of Hawaii. That is why it is also called ‘The Rainbow State’.
  • Such light of sunlight is visible to us in white, but in reality it is made up of seven colors which can be seen only when viewed from the prism.

The rainbow looks very beautiful in appearance. It is often seen in rainy weather, but you probably will not know how it is formed. Today we tell you about many interesting facts related to Rainbow that you have not known yet. It is an informative post for students .

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