What is Computer Hardware? | Amazing Information

What is Computer Hardware? | Amazing Information

Computer requires software, hardware and users to run the computer do not work if none of these is present. This article is about Computer Hardware Computer Hardware in Hindi. The device used to be used in a hardware computer is called. Software required running this hardware. In the computer we see in physical, it is called Hardware.

Without hardware the computer does not exist. There is hardware for any type of work. The hardware is the body of the computer system. Software is required to run each device connected to the computer. The software does not run without any software. This type of software is called device driver Device Driver. In the main hardware there are monitors, icons, keyboards. So let’s talk about different types of hardware devices.

Important Component Of Computer Hardware:

Monitor- This is the main computer hardware. This is an Output Device Output Device. Its job is to display computer data. It’s like a TV screen that shows the various programs, windows and data of the computer to the user. Connecting cable is used to connect the monitor to the CPU.

There are some popular monitors

  • CRT Monitor
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • LED Monitor

Keyboard – The keyboard is the most used input hardware in the computer. Keyboard input is used to input data into a computer program. There are several types of keys on it. The keyboard is connected to a computer via a USB port.

Mouse – This is also used in the input device as input device in the computer. The mouse is also called pointing device. It works on GUI technology. It tells the cursor position on the monitor.

Printer – Referring to the computer without the printer seems incomplete. Its main task is to get any file present in the computer as a hard copy. Printer prints the data on the paper. Printer Permanent Provides Readable Format. It is of several types but mostly found in two types of printers market. Inkjet printers and laser printers

Scanner – This is an input device that lets the document scan the photo. Hard copy is scanned and stored in the computer as a soft copy.

Other than the main hardware, there are also some devices that are used as per the need. The CD drive in it is used to run the optical disc. Modem is required for internet usage. Two types of cable are used in the computer. There is a connecting cable that connects the monitor and the CPU. There are two power cables that act as a power to monitor and power the CPU. Apart from this, a significant part of the computer is its cabinet, which has motherboards, hard disks and other main parts of the computer. Makes hardware many companies just like monitors make companies like IBM, Microsoft, Asus, HP, dell, Samsung the motherboard also makes similar companies. The most famous company for making processors is Intel. Keyboards and mouse dell, HP, Qualcomm etc. are big producers.

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