Unsolved mysteries – Bhangarh Fort

Unsolved mysteries – Bhangarh Fort

There are many such forts in our country about which many stories are prevalent and one of them is the fort of Bhangarh, which is known as Haunted Place or Bhuntah Fort. This fort is also the main attraction of the people coming to Rajasthan. Curious travelers often come here to search for this dilemma. So that they could solve the mystery of the fort of Bhangarh.

Bhangarh Fort History

Bhangarh fort is also known for its rich history. This fort is one of the famous tourist sites of India. Bhangarh Fort is a fort built in Rajasthan of India in the 17th century. It was made by Man Singh (one of the nine Ratna of Akbar’s court) for his younger brother Madho Singh. After his grandfather Man Singh and Bhan Singh, his name was named Madho Singh.

Stories related to this fort.

According to the first story, the sadhu Baba lived in the area of Nath Fort. It is said that on the order of the same, no house around the fort can be made out of the fort, and if someone has made it. And if the shadow of his house falls on the monk’s house, this fort and the entire village will collapse and it happened.

According to the second admonition, it is said that there was a Tantric in this state, at that time the princess of this state was very beautiful. Once the tantric looked at the beauty of the princess lying on the princess, Tantric was fascinated by her and thought of making her own.

Once the princess’s slaves went to the market, Tantric saw that Tantric was taking perfume for Rajkumari, then the Tantric gave black magic to them in perfume.

This act of Tantric was seen by a believer in the palace and told the princess. Upon hearing this, the princess became very angry and made the perfume silent on the stone, which broke the bottle and spread on the stone.As the perfume fell on the stone, the stone slipped and the tantric rocks were running and the tantrik was crushed.

At the time of the death, the Tantric gave a statement that all the people living in this palace will die soon and the soul of the dead person will always wander in this palace. In the end, the Mughal people had invaded Bhangarh fort and destroyed the entire fort. At that time, about 1000 people were living inside the fort. At that time all the people living in the fort were killed by the princess.

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