Unmarried Couples Rights In India

Unmarried Couples Rights In India

When leaving big cities in India, the common people’s view is very different when looking at a girl and a boy everywhere together. At a lot of places, when the couples see something together, the police start interrogating them, and they start asking a lot of inconvenient questions but do you know it is right to do that? Can the police question a girl and a boy? If you are a couple, then it is essential to know what is written about it in our law.

Often, some policemen are seen disturbing the general public in the heat of their uniform. Whether it has been forcibly checked or the girl is about to move in with the girl. Many times the park or the street-going friends are also interrogated and inquired.

If there has ever been anything like this with you or you are troubled by this, then you have the right to inquire anything before giving your details to those police vendors.

Rights Of Unmarried Couples

Legal experts say that if any boy is walking together on a public park or in a public place, then no officer has any right to take any action. Provided that the boy is also in the limelight.

  • If a boy is sitting alone together with the girl, then by making the concept itself, it will do wrong … no police can interrogate unless it does something that is beyond the scope of the boundary.
  • Under Article 21 of the Constitution, every person has the right to live a life of his own free will. Which has been named Life and Liberty?
  • Any action cannot be done with the adult boy girl if both are together with her mind then whether it is to hang around or to marry again.
  • If a girl is found to have some obscene acts on a public place, so that anyone’s feeling is hurt, then all the people present there have the right to call the police.
  • Although the definition of obscenity is determined according to the place, like in small towns, hugs and kissing are considered outside the realm, whereas Goa and other big cities have different definitions.
  • There is no such law in India where any boy-girl should be stopped from marrying before marriage; living relation has been recognized in India.
  • Even before the wedding, the boy can book the room in the girl’s room. There is no rule for this also that the police should interrogate them. If he is more than 18 years old, then both of them can make physical relations with their wishes.
  • Coupled with sexual intercourse, the couple will be treated as a marriage.

According to the court, if the boy dies in a boy relationship in a live relation, then the girl has the full right to the boys.

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