Sailing Stones – Death Valley California

Sailing Stones – Death Valley California

Did you know: In a secluded corner of Death Valley National Park, strange rocks known as “sailing stones” have been known to move across level surfaces, completely unaided by gravity?

There are many things in the world whose secret has not been detected until today. In such a place, Death Valley is a desert located in eastern California. It is the hottest, dry and bizarre location of North America. The structure and temperature of California’s Death Valley are always shocking to geologists. However, even more shocking is that the sliding stones of that mean there are such stones which automatically go from one place to another, also known as the Sailing Stones. In this racetrack area, the rocks of 320 kg have been seen to be replaced, which has remained secret until today.

The sliding of these stones has also become a joke for NASA because NASA scientists are also unable to find out. Racetrack Playa 2.5 miles north to south and 1.25 miles east from the west is flat. There are about 150 such stones which are on their own, but till date, no one has seen these stones moving with their eyes. In the winter, these stones get slipped more than 250 meters away.

Story behind the Scene

In 1972 a team of scientists was formed to solve this mystery. The team named a group of stones and studied it for seven years. A stone of approximately 317 Kg of the name of the Kerin did not flutter during the study. However, when the scientists returned there a few years later, they found the distance to Kareen 1 kilometer. When some suggestions are not taken, scientists believe that due to the fast-moving winds, the stones automatically move.

Some scientists believe that this amazing activity of these stones can be the reason for the weather. The research was done about this, that the winds of 90 miles per hour in the desert, the night froze to ice and the thin layer of wet soil above the surface, all of which will move the stones together. These stones left without any movement or force use, remain secret from the 1900s.

Some people explain this because of supernatural powers. Scientists have been finding out the reason for that same year. The American space agency NASA has researched her secret to know the secret. At the same time, the team of geologists at the Completeness University of Spain told the colony of the microbes located in the soil. These microbes are cyan bacteria and unicellular algae, which cause smooth matter and gas at the bottom of the lake. It does not hold the stone in the bottom. In the cold weather, they get slipped from their place with strong winds. Many scientists have researched this, but its auspicious date has not been ascertained why the stone is dropped.

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