Man’s Thinking Power – The Base of Life

Man’s Thinking Power – The Base of Life

Man’s thinking sets his way, if a person thinks positive and always does his work with right thinking then he always goes ahead in life. We will learn about a similar story here.

Three passers-by found under a tree on the way. The three went on a long trip. I was sitting in a dense shade of trees to relax for some time. Three of them had two parrots, one bag was on the front, and the other was hanging backward.

The three people sat together and began to talk about where they came from. Where do you go How far is it? Who are the people in the house? Many questions that strangers want to know about each other.

The three passengers were stacked in the saddle but the facial expressions of each of them were different. One was feeling very tired as the traveler made him cumbersome. The other was tired but was not feeling cumbersome, and the third was in great joy. A distant sitting Mahatma was smiling at them.

The three of them then fell on the Mahatma, and after going to him, all three asked why he was smiling. In response to this question, the Mahatma asked the three that you have two zodiacs. You have to keep the goodness of the people in one of these and tell the evil one in one.

One said in my next parrot, and I will keep evil so that I stay away from them throughout life. Moreover, I will stay right on the back. The second said – I will do good things so that they become like them and the evil behind them so that they will be useful to them. The third said that I would keep the goodness so that I will be content with them and I will keep the evil behind and make a hole in the back bag, which has reduced the burden of crime and best held with me if I wanted to forget evil.

Listening to this, the Mahatma said – the first one who is frustrated by being tired, who said that he would keep evil in front of him, he is tired of living like this journey, because his thinking is negative, life is tough for him.

The second who is tired but not disappointed, who said good will keep in front, but the tires in an attempt to become better than evil because he is in a race of desisting.

Third, who said that he keeps the good and keep evil behind him and wants to forget him, he is satisfied and enjoying life. Similarly, he is happy in the journey of life.

Moral Of This Story: As long as the person will find evil in others, he cannot be happy, and life is also a journey in which positive thinking makes life pleasant. Wrath in life is the most significant burden and forgiveness is the most beautiful and simple way that makes life lifeless.

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