List of Most Dangerous Experiment By American Scientist

List of Most Dangerous Experiment By American Scientist

Due to the arrival of new President Donald Trump in America, the difficulties are not getting less. First by targeting the people of seven Muslim countries by banning the entry, then making the rules of immigration strictly aimed at America. However, the US has always taken many wrong steps to maintain itself as a super power. These include those experiments, in which the US pushed its own people. In these experiments, many innocent people died.

#1 Project MK Ultra

American company hired Dr. Donald Even Cameron for this project. The purpose of this project was to study the minds of people and remove information from it. Dr. Cameron admits many sick people for this in their hospital. During this time, these people lived in a coma for several days. During this time people forgot things and became a victim of serious illness.

#2 Chemical Sprays

At the beginning of the 20th century, spray of deadly chemicals on their cities. He had to know that if biochemical weaning was used then what would be the effect on people. During this time many people were killed and victims of serious illness.

#3 Mustard gas test

In the 1940s, America tested Mustard gas on its soldiers. Apart from this, many more chemicals were also used on them. This was the round of the Second World War. According to the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics, there were many soldiers involved in this work. Many people died in this experiment.

#4 Atom bomb

The United States put plutonium in the 18 people body to detect the effects of the atom bomb. The result was that 13 out of 18 died immediately, while five people only spent a few more years.

#5 Agent Orange

The US experimented with Agent Orange (a kind of pesticide) on the inmates. With this, the strange things in the prisoners’ body started to grow. The US Army did this work with the help of Dr. Albert Kingman.

#6 Guatemala

In 1940, the United States spread deadly infections in Guatemalan people to treat Syphilis disease. During this time, attempts were made to spread sickness through prostitutes among soldiers, inmates, and mad people. When diseases did not spread from prostitutes, the doctors experimented with injections in the private parts and spinal punctures of people. It did not know what happened to the people.

#7 Cancer infections

In 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhodes spread Cancer Infections for people of Puerto Rico for experiments. Many people died in this. The Rockefeller Institute had asked them to do this research. He wrote in an article – The people of Puerto Rico are very dirty. I have killed some people and have made many people sick with cancer.

#8 Black cancers

To know the effect of highballed radiation on the body, the Pentagon used tremendous radiation on the black cancer patient. In this experiment, 20 people died.

#9 Midnight climax CIA operated Operation Midnight Climax to see the effect of lysergic acid diethyl idée acid Prostitutes were used in this. The result was that people started doing different types of activities.

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