Inspirational Hindi Story Of “Kundan Kaka”

Inspirational Hindi Story Of “Kundan Kaka”

Kundan Kaka used to cut trees in a factory. Factory owner was very happy with his work and asked every new worker to run an axe like him. This was the reason that most of the laborers used to burn them.

One day when the boss was praising Kaka’s work, a young worker came out and said, “Owner! You always admire these, while hard work, we all do rather, Kaka also goes to relax in the middle, but we work hard to cut trees. “

The master said, “Brother! It does not mean to me that how much rest, how much work, I just mean that at the end of the day, who cut the most trees, and in this case, you have only 2-3 trees ahead even when their age has passed. “

The laborer did not like this thing. He said-

If this is the case then why do not you have to contest the tree cutting? Tomorrow most of the trees that will cut the same will become the winner. Boss got ready.

The competition started the next day. Workers were more enthusiastic this day compared to the rest of the day and were running their hands quickly.

But Kundan Kaka, do not believe in any hurry. Like every day, they have begun to cut trees.

Everyone saw that till half of the day, Kaka had cut 4-5 trees while the other people had cut 6-7 trees. Felt that today Kaka will lose. As usual, he went to a room on his own time, where he used to go to rest every day. Everyone thought that today Kaka contest will be lost.

The rest of the laborers continued to cut down the trees, after some time Kaka returned to the ax on his shoulder and got back in his work.

The competition ended at the scheduled time.

Now the owner started counting the trees.

The rest of the laborers were not able to do anything special but when the master started counting the young workers’ trees, they all started listening carefully.

That 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11

All the cloths started playing because none of the remaining laborers were cut.

Now it was left to be counted by Kaka’s bamboo trees.

The owner started counting that 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 and the last twelve trees. Malik happily announced done.

Kundan Kaka had won the competition – he was given a reward of 1000 rupees, and Then the loser said, the worker said, “Kaka, I accept my defeat. But please tell me that your physical strength is too low and from above you work Do you rest for half an hour between, yet how do you cut the most trees? “

Kaka said on this-

“Son is a very straightforward reason. When I go for half an hour to work for half an hour, during that time, I sharpen the edge of my ax, from which time I can cut more trees than you people with less effort.”

All the laborers were in astonishment that how much difference is made by sharpening the torso just for a while. Friends, in whatever field you are, your skills are your ax so that you cut your trees that’s what they accomplish initially your ax is as sharp as ever with its edge diminished over time.

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