How to be a good salesman in India

How to be a good salesman in India

Some hook customers and sell products and services, while many struggles through the process. The article explains how to be a good salesman in India. How to be a good salesperson- to know read on!

Smile, it is the key
Smile has to be authentic and spontaneous. It conveys power and charisma. It can win you your new customers. Don’t hold back and learn the art of a genuine smile. it might attract consumers you normally wouldn’t have ever thought of as new customers too. It creates a positive reaction in the buyer and it lights up the conversation too. The smile can do wonders, it starts the conversation and ends on it good note.
Understand human nature
A course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming will help you choose the responses to your customer’s queries.
You need to understand human nature and thereby, the solving question which arise. Dealing with human thought is most complicated of tasks, you should be tactful to steer close the deal.

Be a good listener
build a great relationship by listening to what he/she says or is trying to say. This is one of the nice art that a human can acquire. Understand your customer better by listening to them or their queries. This will help you in fetching the profit and thereby, making good sales.

Proper knowledge of the product
Being knowledgeable and aware of the product can fetch you some praises. People will get to know the vibe with which you are selling. They will come back to you for the price, place and product.

Appear confident
Be confident in dressing and talking. It will get you good results. If you will be confident, then you make sales and profits.
Don’t talk too much
Building credibility and rapport is what it takes to close the deal. You have to make sense of the talk that you do and don’t try to be over smart but rather be confident not to impress with the verbosity.

Don’t overpromise
A great salesman never over-promise, that is when the product exceeds the expectations.
If you overpromise and the company fails to deliver the requisite service on time, then it is a loss to the company. Keep promises which a company can fulfil and win customers and can expect loyalty from them.

Be goal oriented and enthusiastic
Random sales call are never their forte. They choose to focus their energy on real prospects which give them a boost. They take notes of the important things and have written down their goals. Their love and passion for a job take them to places.

Customers are not gods
Great salespeople believe that customers are no more special than they themselves are… Treat people the way you want to be treated and you will get the results you want if you want to make sense of the sales field.

Sell ice to an Eskimo and there is a thin line between being good and great in this sales field. Practice and little effort can do a lot of wonders and also, expect customers coming back to you again and again.

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