Have a glimpse to most dangerous or tricky Train Routes in the world.

Have a glimpse to most dangerous or tricky Train Routes in the world.

There are diverse sorts of train journeys which can be engaged all around the world. Some of the train journeys include the spectacular views, comfy paths, and some of them are tricky or dangerous that also has unsafe stretches integrated into their paths. Some people find them ‘well of death’ while some find them daring. Below are some top 5 most dangerous train routes in the World for the train spotting enthusiast –

# 1 Death Railway, Thailand

The death railway in Thailand is the foremost dangerous train route. The Kanchanaburi Province which is situated in Myanmar – Thailand borders, previously called as Burma. It is known as the locality of the dangerous death railway in Thailand. Even though, the railway tracks have to pass through several dense jungles & risky mountain territory. Moreover, this dangerous track got this tricky name because of a fact that numerous POWs mislaid their lives while building this railway track under the Japanese rule in WW11. In addition, there is a most well-known division is this Railway Bridge is – it is built on the Kwai River.

#2 Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia

This railway track is the one which travels from Jakarta to Bandung. The estimated time of this dangerous railway journey is three hours of the ride. This creates its way above the sky high to Cikurutug pylon trestle bridge situated in Indonesia. By traveling on this dangerous journey the passengers can explore the deep eye-catchy subtropical valley. In addition, there is a major railway accident took place on this route in 2002 and due to which a train got completely derailed.

# 3 Kuranda Scenic Railroad, Australia

This dangerous railway route, etching its route via the Barron Gorge National Park since the time of the 1800s. The railway path passes nearest to the high and stunning waterfalls which spray its water to the tracks. The whole journey is pleasant and memorable. The whole surroundings are picturesque which attracts lots of passengers. The path attains its name as it has eye-catchy spectacular views which passengers are liked as they wind the whole path through the intense rainforest.

# 4 Devil’s Nose Train, Ecuador Nariz del Diablo

The Devil’s Nose Train is a railway path which is located in Andes Mountains which are 9,000ft above from the sea level in Ecuador Nariz del Diablo. This railway patch is possibly known as one of the most terrifying railways rides all over the world. Moreover, the thrill seekers are able to experience the cliff, steep, such as the mountain climbing on the old boxcars clinging to the older tracks.

# 5 Chennai-Rameswaram Railway Route, India

This railway path comprises the Pamdan Bridge. The bridge was opened in the year of 1914 & crosses around 2,065 meters of the sea and it extends to the Rameswaram Island. It is known as the most dangerous railway path of India situated in Chennai. Moreover, this cantilever bridge is widely known as the very well example of Indian engineering.

Final Thoughts Above are the most dangerous railway tracks in the world. Traveling on these railway paths offers a unique and memorable experience to passengers. Thus, take a deep breath and plan a journey to these terrific railway routes.

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