The secret of “Bermuda Triangle” | Mystery Revealed

The secret of “Bermuda Triangle” | Mystery Revealed

There is a lot of scary secrets in the world, one of which is Bermuda Triangle and today we are going to take the curtain off with its comrades.

There are innumerable mysteries in the world which have become such a puzzle which cannot be solved even with the help of modern techniques. Hiding in such secrets is the Bermuda Triangle on the South East Coast of America. Bermuda got this name in 1964. Bermuda Triangle America’s Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda Islands are a fictional triangle connecting these three places. It is also called Devil’s Triangle, also called Devil’s Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle Stories

An accident occurred on 05 December 1945 in Bermuda Triangle. By which the scientists from all over the world have just kept thinking. It was then that five US Navy professional pilots had left for Bermuda triangle during their training exercises.

But after just one hour 45 minutes, flight leader Lieutenant Charles Taylor delivered a message to the control center that some strange and poor activities are occurring here. Charles told that he has three compasses that have stopped working. They did not know what direction they were in.

The sea form was also very different. Shortly after, their contact was broken from the control center. No one knows where the pilot went missing in this incident.

Another aircraft was also sent to find Charles’s crew, but in 27 minutes, his contact also broke down from the control center and no clue of the ships and pilots was found. There are many such incidents related to the triangle due to which Bermuda has yet become a mystery.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Christopher Columbus was the first person to present wonderful and unbelievable documents about the Bermuda Triangle. Columbus had said that he and his colleagues had seen a strange feat of electricity on the horizon. They also saw some flames of fire in the sky.

Columbus wrote all these things in his log book. Modern scholars investigating this log book have estimated this

A research was conducted by the US. In which there is a large reservoir of methane gas in the larger part of the sea area. Due to which more bubbles arise and ships may disappear. Apart from this, due to being a highly magnetic field, the objects made of iron stop working here and the aircraft wander their way and become victims of accidents.

The scientists around the world have researched this very much, and then the information revealed its secret. First, people here believe that there is a very big demon and he submerses the entire vessel to the water, but the scientists have already done it. Here is the strange rule of nature, due to which a huge magnetic field is formed and the fact that the things passes by it goes towards it and because of this many ships of the world have been involved in it. But now it will not happen because people around the world are looking at this and no ships are allowed to pass from here.

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